Completion of a project's objectives and goals have resources for planning, organizing, and managing procurement  
can be defined as the discipline of Project Management.

SECTech of project engineering team; planning, Scope, Time Management, Cost, Quality, Human Resources,  
Communication, Risk, Procurement management is ready for service of process.
SECTech in the planning stage of your project, What, Why, How and When to do it by identifying opportunities and  
hazards that may occur in the future allows you to see. Risks to abolishing this issue for you by taking the  
necessary measures and decisions, the project resulted in proven a success for those who work and study  
management plans.

In the development of the project plan, identifying tasks and responsibilities, project time schedule of the project  
budget preparation and removal are among the most important works.
SECTech of new investment or expansion of existing facilities , renewal decision- making prior to the feasibility study  
will help you make the right decisions.
For this purpose ;

1. Market review: Produced thought to be the kind of goods or services , features , may be sold , the sales period ,  
will provide exports, employment , value added , such as what would be the economic benefits are assessed.

2. Founded on-site inspection of the entity's economic and social care costs of at least whereas it is essential that  
most of the benefits . For this purpose, raw materials, energy , labor force , proximity to markets , natural conditions  
, transport facilities, development potential and taking into account many more factors are studied in the most  
rational place of incorporation assay.

3. Financial analysis: the total cost of investment , fixed and vary the structure of expenditures , working capital  
needs , months and years as cash flows and financing programs are evaluated.

4. Technological analysis: techniques and technologies to be used in production with alternative production  
techniques and by any technique needs will emerge raw and auxiliary materials , machinery and equipment and that  
they require , their input-output analysis , settlement plan, how to construction and installation works , supply  
sources , and features such as the amount of personnel to be employed items are considered.

5. Legal analysis: Investment project preparation phase of the facility location selection, realization of investment ,  
business activity passes the goods to marketing must be complied with laws, rules and regulations, the investment  
will have on the potential impact and will bring opportunities are evaluated.
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