Industrial Services
Power Plants (Thermal, Gas, f.oil, Waste Recovery) and, for Industrial Facilities Investment, Setup, Process  
improvements, Control Systems, Evaluation, Proposal, Project Management assistance in the areas we serve.
Industrial Plant from the establishment phase, the period until the end of follow up and reporting. Take measures for  
problems that may occur. Biden needs, whether it occurs in plants specification check and reporting. Make  
installation checks. Control systems and equipment to do the checks services.
Process and follow-up of technical issues related to the Work, and whether or not the operating conditions, the  
determination of compliance with operating conditions of the project design, such as the removal of operating  
personnel and the lack of operational services.
Power plants and industrial facilities services after we have made in education are given to employees. These  
trainings are mostly Process Structure and functions, Process Control, Equipment, Control Systems and Equipment,  
Commissioning, Electrical and Instrumentation is directed to.
For Power Plants business is service. Plant commissioning studies which included not content until the transfer to  
the customer as a Mechanical, Electrical, Automation & Control, Water-Steam Systems, Boilers, Steam Turbines,  
Gas Turbines covers. Reporting is done according to operating conditions. Design Engineering - making comparisons  
of operating conditions reported problems.
For Power Plants and Industrial Facilities and according to notional value;
- Mechanical (Pumps, Valves varieties, Fan, Piping and equipment, heat exchangers, condensers, Spare Parts etc.)
- Electric (Engine, MCC Panels, Panels and other equipment)
- Control and Automation DCS, PLC systems, Electronic cards, Controllers, Instrumentation, Analyzers, such as
control valves elections, the preparation of the data service.
According to customer technical data or material selection according to our own supply of domestic or foreign be  
done, the service is delivered.