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SECTech Industrial Co., water cooling towers, pumping stations,  
auxiliary units, condensers, heat exchangers, closed loop water  
cooling towers, steam and gas turbine units, electrical, mechanical,  
automation, software, engineering, and operates in contracting. All  
kinds of power plants over 20 years experience in all units to  
customers all the time with the first value increasing quality, knowledge  
and experience are proud to serve with. Energy required a complete  
design and manufacturing facilities, as well as capacity expansion and  
modification activities experienced engineers, technical personnel and  
accomplishes this by using the latest technology.
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SECTech Industrial Co., Technological developments in our country and in our nearby geography and process-intensive industrial structure, particularly in engineering and remediation technologies for power plants, creating call was established to provide services. Is experienced in a long time and has done service in this industry with engineering staff at your disposal.
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