History ...
Sectech Industrial Co., Ltd. Water Cooling Systems, Pump Stations, Auxiliary Units, Condensers, Heat  
Exchangers, Closed Loop Water Cooling Systems, Steam and Gas Turbine Units, Electrical, Mechanical,  
Automation, Software, Engineering and Contracting activities on shows. With our experience of over 15 years, the  
first value increasing quality to customers all the time, knowledge and experience are proud to serve with. Energy  
required a complete design and manufacturing facilities, as well as capacity expansion and modification activities  
experienced engineers, technical personnel and accomplishes this by using the latest technology.

Design our facilities and projects to its customers the most accurate and reliable results in order to provide the most  
current , technological and comprehensive software experiences from the past by combining our valued customers  
power plant all of your claims about your every need according to provide solutions .

SECTech Industrial Co., also complete industrial plants , cooling systems, lighting systems, auxiliary units , water  
plants and pump stations, mechanics , automation, electrification offers in services on turnkey basis .

Thermal and combined cycle natural gas power plants, iron and steel plants , refineries, petrochemical plants and  
the food industry are the main industries we serve . Sectech Industrial Co., facility needs offers the most economical  
and efficient solutions .