SECTech 's vision and values with the goal of achieving Human Resources Management Politics are:

Improve the company's strategic goals and interests,
Employees , management and be sensitive to the changing needs of government agencies,
Sectech as a preferred employer 's reputation and maintain,
Where mutual trust and respect , where all employees feel valued himself , to accomplish our mission can
exert its best efforts to provide a workplace culture,
To hire the most qualified individuals for the position . We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and
race, language, religion, gender , ethnic group, nationality, color or physical disabilities , regardless welcome
applications from all qualified candidates.
To encourage people to have a strong belief in matters.
The tasks performed to know the laws and guidelines and to comply with them,
All employees understand what is expected of them in their work and their skills and performance ,
education and career planning for the development overrides themselves responsible for ensuring the
provision of assistance.