SECTech Industrial CO., As;

Starting from first principles of health and safety , employee health and safety take the necessary measures to  
ensure that the necessary tools to implement these measures undertakes to keep . To apply this policy to all  
employees in their work in occupational health and safety shall comply with the rules without exception . It should be  
noted that , our business , our employees never to endanger the safety of life and health is not so urgent and  
important .

In our country or in the countries studied Occupational Health and Safety legislation in force to , (law, decree-laws ,  
rules and regulations ) to international agreements , signed a contract and are committed to complying with the  
specifications .

During the activity at its source, preventing the possibility of accidents that may occur to minimize accidents and  
occupational diseases effort not to create any direction is considered as the primary goal .

OHS activities in all processes work in "continuous improvement " with the goal to execute , so will minimize the