Control Technologies
HMI / SCADA Graphics and Design Practices

Your facility more efficient and make it visible, to facilitate the business side.

SCADA, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (data-based monitoring and control systems updates) is an
acronym formed from the initial letters of the words. Process for process control and data acquisition operations
engaged observer, human machine interface software are created. For SCADA system operators are to provide
advanced control and monitoring features.

SCADA system in general, embodiment provides the following features:

•  Started from a user-defined parameters (temperature, pressure, level, digital signals, engine and valve
status, system status, etc.) With the help of business process flow monitoring,
•  Recipe by screens, production and processing of prescriptions Entering prescriptions to inform the operator
•  Parameter screens by means of limit values ??which is required for the system (set-point, the upper and lower
alarm levels) to be entered,
•  P, I, D , and observation of the parameters can be entered ,
•  Property values ??trent historical and real-time , keeping
•  Of automatic systems , SCADA screens possibility of manual intervention ,
•  Display of alarm and fault status and printer and / or be saved to the database . All equipment in case of
system failure , instant automation systems can be monitored from time to failure without losing
intervention is concerned .
•  Automation systems, eliminate human error as a very small number of staff also kept under control.
•  Established with the latest technology automation systems, software and hardware are extremely open
system . Their ability to expand and has subsequently changed . In fact, the automation system can be
integrated into other systems .
•  Taking into consideration the wishes of the end-user scenarios generated by the automation system
employees , to field equipment because it will be error-free control system compared to people working in
the initiative will be much more secure and safe .

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