SECTech Industrial as first key to success for us as the "human" is .

Power plants , especially in different sectors, a global player that aims to be  
SECTech Industrial owned human resources , the company's vision and  
strategy is capable of fulfilling the individual to be created , their motivations ,  
ensuring the development , in short, effectively managing believe it should .  
To this end, we have set our vision as Human Resources , which operates in  
business areas of our company , which is best in class Human Resources  
is to establish the structure and applications to life .

To this end, Human Resources under the roof of Recruitment ,  
Compensation Management , Training, HR Strategy and Organisational  
Development, Employment and Social Security Law, Personnel and  
Administrative Affairs department and HR Group departments an integrated  
operation aims . Human Resource strategies of the era to meet the  
requirements and values to produce the editing work, it practices realization  
of the structure of the company to spread and be embraced with varying  
depending on the needs of the continuous improvement issues always work  
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